Bob’s Burgers: A Comic Review – Issue 1


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Bob's Burgers Comic Review

Before I say anything else, I will be upfront about the only two animated television shows I could watch every day for the rest of my life: King of the Hill and Bob’s Burgers. KotH reminds me much of my upbringing and Bob’s Burgers almost exactly mirrors my present family dynamic. As my husband would say, Linda Belcher is my spirit animal.

When I found out that there was going to be a comic series based on Bob’s Burgers, I was ecstatic. There was absolutely no way I could not love whatever they put on the pages.
Bobs Burgers Issue 1 Cover
The inaugural issue of Bob’s Burgers features the fabulous Belcher children in all their inappropriate and snarky glory, with each child having a feature section wherein they tell their own story. Tina’s leads, complete with Equestranauts, erotic friend fiction, and Horse Jimmy Jr., followed by Louise’s mind-control picture day. Gene ends with a musical tale of a boy who gets stuck in a burger suit.
The only contribution Bob and Linda make to the issue come in the form of a Burger of the Day idea list (all of which I would totally eat), and a column suggestion letter to a parenting magazine (which presents an excellent idea – a wine meter for everyday tasks).
In all, the comic is just as lovable and quirky as the show has always been. The characters we love are all there and just as we know them. I can’t say I wasn’t a bit disappointed in the lack of a storyline, but who are we kidding – I would love these characters no matter what.
I hope the subsequent issues give us some substantial improvement in the storyline area. I believe they probably will.
I will read it either way.

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