• Podcast Episode 5 has arrived

    This episode the Geeks discuss “Young Justice”, FBI peepin’ in on yo’ internets, viruses, favorite Nintendo accessories, whether we think Nintendo and its Wii U can be successful, Apps of the Week and more! Download from iTunes! or Download directly!
  • Podcast Episode 4

    This week it’s YouTube commentary, more video game tomfoolery (in the best sense of that word of course) Apps of the week and more! Oh yeah, and a Leroy Jenkins opening gag. Download on iTunes! or Download directly!
  • Podcast Episode 3 is live!

    In which the Geeks discuss Game of Thrones and The Killing‘s season premieres, speculate on next-gen gaming consoles, ponder whether or not Used video games are going away, review Xenoblade Chronicles, give our Apps of the week and more! Download ...
  • Podcast Episode 2

    In episode 2 the Geeks discuss Dish Network’s new Hopper DVR, review Kid Icarus, catch you up on X-Men Versus Avengers, take listener questions, Apps of the week and more! Download it here!
  • Podcast Episode 1

    Here it is in all of it’s glory! ¬†Hopefully an iTunes link will follow soon. Enjoy and please leave a comment with feedback (other than our Mics suck… we already know that) JustUs Geeks Podcast episode 1