Happy Back To The Future Day!


Doc Brown himself returns with a special video message for Back To The Future Day! 



Great Scott! I’ve been looking forward to this day , Back To The Future Day, for the vast majority of my life. While there are no hoverboards, nineteen versions of Jaws, or Power Laces (although Nike could do the right thing and roll those out today), the future, or today rather, is not at all like I thought it might be when I first watched Back To The Future II as a kid.

Enter: Doctor Emmett Brown.

Your future is what you make of it. So make it a good one. – Doctor Emmett Brown

Also, what is THIS Nike:

In case you are wondering, @realmikefox is MICHAEL J. FOX! Power Laces incoming? Now my Back To The Future Day would be complete!

Do we like Back To The Future a little bit too much around here? Not enough? Never!

Are you having a fantastic Back To The Future Day? Let us know all of the fun Back To The Future things you’ve found today, as well as any Back To The Future stories you might have. Share them with us in the comments below and on Twitter!



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