Episode 267: The Office

The Office NBC

Call the Party Planning Committee: Matt Wyatt joins us to discuss one of television’s greatest series, The Office.


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We’ve been promising our good friend, and newly titled World’s Best Guest, Matt Wyatt that we would do an episode on The Office since we last had him on the show for Episode 202. We finally cashed in all of our Schrute Bucks, and convinced the QB to make a return to the show (and he brought amazing gifts!). Want to see a couple of the neat things Matt brought? Check out our sneak peak of the episode in our Facebook Group, JUGheads, INC.; you’ll be glad you did.

There’s lots to discuss in this episode, and the Geeks and Matt talk about all areas of The Office: favorite/least favorite character,  best moments, and why this show will stand the test of time. This episode has it all, from the obscure to the most recognizable moments of the show, and you don’t want to miss a bit of it.

To round out things, we couldn’t help but get some inside knowledge on the upcoming college football season. Don’t miss that conversation at the end!

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