Episode 280: Weenie Run


We’re back. No, for real this time. The Geeks get back on the weekly podcast saddle with……a weenie run?!? Download, listen, and share TODAY!

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It’s been a bit, but we’re excited to be back for the 280th episode of the podcast! Who wants more podcasts? Who wants hot dogs and brats? WE DO!

We took a road trip late Thursday night to get us back in the podcasting swing of things to talk about what all we’ve missed since our last episode. Yes, we ate hot dogs and brats.

Also, this is a long one; almost two hours! We recorded our trip there, paused for weenies, and returned afterwards. (Full disclosure: the second part is much slower because of weenie overload. DO US A FAVOR and skip to the end if you’ve gotta.)

So, back on the saddle? You betcha.

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