Jean Grey returning to Marvel Comics soon… as Marvel Girl??



Here is an interesting snippet on the return of Jean Grey (aka the original Phoenix, original X-Man and original wife of Cyclops) after her second death back in the mid-2000’s from Entertainment Weekly:


Yes, this is Jean Grey — as in, the Jean Grey who’s been absent from Marvel comics ever since dying for a second time back in the mid-00s. And yes, she is modeling her vintage blue-and-yellow X-Men outfit from her Marvel Girl days. Does this mean that the fan-favorite character is finally returning? We can only confirm that her presence in the Marvel universe will not be imaginary.


So is this where the current Avengers vs. X-men storyline has been heading, what with Jean’s former husband Cyclops being one of the “Phoenix Force Five” who was granted the power of the Phoenix?


Unfortunately we don’t know much more about her return other than this little bit of artwork, but it’s interesting that she’s wearing her original 1960’s era Marvel Girl costume.  We should find out more soon at San Diego Comic Con.


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