JUG Interviews: Meghan McCarthy, head writer of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Part 2)


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Marty: Alright! Do you have a favorite character to write for?

Meghan: I really like to write for all of them, I think the one I relate to this most is probably Twilight, so she’s fun to write for, and it’s easy for me to say “What would Twilight do” ok, well, the same thing I would do in that situation: I would get nervous that I’m going to get in trouble, and I would have a meltdown.


So, she’s the one that’s a little bit easier, but I enjoy writing for all of them, they all have such distinct voices.

Marty: Awesome! So, last season closed with the big Royal Wedding and Queen Chrysalis being defeated….what does Season 3 have in store for our Ponies?

Meghan: Well, we are definitely going to see a little bit of world building and deepening of the mythology of Equestria, with the introduction of the Crystal Empire. We’ve never seen a map of Equestria that has all of its borders, so we’re kinda going to get to see what’s beyond some of the places that we’ve explored in the past. Also, Twilight’s going to be taking some bigger steps on her journey as Princess Celestia’s student, and just lots of great songs coming up.

My 4 year old daughter, Annaliese, and I. Pinkie Pie doesn’t seem to approve.

Marty Great! A couple of last questions: The internet loves the character of Derpy Hooves. And, I was wondering if there is a future for her in the storyline, because that’s actually my daughter’s favorite character. When I told I was going to interview you today, she wanted me to ask you about Derpy Hooves.

Meghan: (laughter) I don’t think we will see her take a role in the foreground, but she, Derpy, she still lives in Ponyville, so that doesn’t mean that we will never see Derpy again. I think it was one of those things where they come up with a story they fit in, and ran with it, and if someday there was another story that felt right then maybe but, right now, I think Derpy will go to be one of the many resident ponies now.

Marty: Last question. What about the bronies?

Meghan: I love me some bronies, I’m not going to lie. I think they are awesome! I think it’s a great fanbase and great community of people and they are supportive of the show which means a lot to us. Anybody that I’ve gotten to interact with that calls himself a brony has just been nothing but sweet and nice and supportive, and, so yeah, I’m a fan..I’m a fan of the fans!


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