Modern Sonic the Hedgehog figurine coming from First 4 Figures


Like Sonic the Hedgehog?  Of course you do, who doesn’t? I mean, sure, most of his recent outings haven’t been STELLAR, but for the most part the little blue hedgehog has wormed his way into the hearts and wallets of millions of people.  What better way to celebrate that than with a statue of Modern Sonic?

Want to see more?  Hit the jump and OPEN YOUR HEART!!!

Seen here in all his glory, the Modern Sonic figurine will be sold in limited quantities by First 4 Figures, and is the kickoff to their Modern Sonic collectible line.  The figurine will be sold in two versions, a standard version (seen above) and an exclusive version with light up features!

What’s really neat about this figurine is that the blue detail at the bottom pulses with light, recreating the waters of Emerald Coast, and the sparks behind Sonic’s feet light up as well.  Interested in getting one?  You need to be quick; the statue is a very limited run of 750.

Find the Exclusive Version here: CLICK HERE

or, get the regular version here: CLICK HERE

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