Transformer Tuesday – 12/4/12


Welcome to JustUs Geek’s weekly Transformers roundup that we like to call Transformer Tuesday!  From now on, all our Transformers news will be found right here each week, where we will cover domestic and foreign releases, video games, apps, movies, and more.  This week, we turn our eyes to the upcoming Beast Hunters subline from Transformers Prime, which will begin with Season 3 of the show, and a couple of interesting Japanese releases from the Fall of Cybertron subline of Transformers Generations.

Beast Hunters Optimus Prime Powerizer and Cyberverse figures, plus Cyberverse Commander Predaking

While the Beast Hunters line looks like it will be made up of mostly remolds, it seems that Optimus Prime is getting a brand new mold to get him ready for the hunt.  Following the devastating events of the Season 2 finale, a new body doesn’t seem all that farfetched, but we will see what the explanation will be in due time.  Prime comes with a missile launching blaster and a sword, presumably to represent the Star Saber, but the most interesting visual change to note is that Prime is once again a snub nosed truck, witha huge nod to his G1 design.  Obviously, the Cyberverse Commander is a paired down version of the Powerizer, as is the Predaking seen above, which is also a Cyberverse release.  Look for these to release in the early part 2013.

Transformers Generations Blaster and Skywarp

And now for something completely different.  TFSource has put up preorders for Generations Blaster, a remold/repaint of the Fall of Cybertron Soundwave mold, with data disc Steeljaw.  I’m not sure about you, but to me, this mold doesn’t really work as Blaster, mainly due to it’s altmode with the claws and everything in front.  Here in the US, we’ll be seeing Blaster as part of Voyager wave 3, but one that we might not see is Skywarp, who is currently believed to be a Japanese only release.

If you have been around the fandom for any time at all, you know two things: TakaraTomy loves black repaints and people in general love Skywarp.  So, consider this one hard to find and preorder now.  You can find the preorders for Blaster and Skywarp here and here respectively.

That’s all for this week.  Until next time, ’til all are one!


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