5 Questions We Are Asking About Season 4 Of The Walking Dead


We want answers! Here are 5 questions we want answers to about this seasons The Walking Dead.

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So far this season of The Walking Dead¬†has been fairly enjoyable, and lots of interesting potential story lines have developed. No matter if you like or don’t like the show as opposed to the comic, this season so far has left us asking a few questions about the direction of the show this season.

Question 1: So what’s the deal with Rick?

This, I think, is the million dollar question; is he the leader or not? Is he still crazy? Why the crap has he been sauntering around without a gun?

From the season premiere we’ve seen this weird version of Rick, following a crazy woman off into the woods. Now yes, last week’s episode sort of rectified the crazy aspect of this question, but clearly Rick is not fully in charge. With “the council” handling all of the decision-making, Rick has been left to farm and poison the prison population with infected pigs.

So yeah, the show runners seem to have made a decision to sort of reel Rick back in, but we can’t exactly be so sure that’s the course he’ll take the rest of the season. Personally, I don’t much care for Farmer-Not-In-Charge Rick Grimes.

Question 2: So there’s a new virus?

Well, there’s a new something. Is it airborne or is this a case of non-kosher meat? It was really hard to tell, especially with the way the council treated the infected people. The end of the season premiere let us think that perhaps something was in the prison water, so it’s been nothing but confusion since the beginning of the season.

Is this sabotage or an actual virus? It just seems to be an odd time in this storyline to introduce another virus or infection.

The main thing to be taken away from the situation is that there’s something going on that can’t be seen or explained.

Which leads to…

Question 3: Who is feeding the walkers?

Is it one of the kids? Is it recovering alcoholic Bob? While it seems that question gets answered during the last episode, has it really been? It’s sort of assumed it was the little girls feeding their walker named Nick, but it was never directly answered.

It makes lots of sense if it was one of the kids, well, as much sense as that makes. Why would someone else be overloading the fences with walkers?

I’m not very certain of why during this period of normalcy inside the prison someone suddenly decides to sabotage the survivors.

Question 4: Who burned the bodies?

Is this in any way connected to whoever’s feeding the walkers? It’s sort of implied that it is, but are they even connected? They don’t actually have to be, and there could be a “logical” explanation as to why the bodies were burned, but it’s just a really odd situation. Why are these things happening now, and why does the council not seem to have any idea as to what’s going on?

This is the most interesting question we’ve been faced with all season to this point. It doesn’t really matter if these situation are connected, because obviously if the little girls are feeding the zombs, they aren’t burning the bodies.

But why burn these bodies? Was this just simply a member of the group taking it upon themselves to cleanse the living area after the attack? That doesn’t really seem likely, although it could be proven to be the case.

Is the gal with the bracelet really dead? Seems like this could be a red herring in the midst of another red herring.

This is one of the most interesting plot devices we’ve seen in this series so far.

Question 5: Where is The Governor?

The answer to this question will be almost as big of a revelation as the “We are all infected!” revelation.

As The Governor rode off into the sunset at the end of last season, many of us comic lovers have been hoping that we’ll still get the “Kill them all!” from the comics in the actual show.

Many people speculate that it will either be the season finale, or the penultimate episode to this season before Ole Eye Patch makes his return.

And when he does make his return, who will come with him? Where’s he been all this time?

There are far to many more questions to ask about The Governor than any answers at this point, but isn’t that what keeps us watching?

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