Extra Geeky #3: American Ultra


This week’s bonus episode features our review of the new film, American Ultra.




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Have you heard the latest episode of the podcast yet? Listen to Episode 178 as we talk about all things Lego!

In this week’s installment of Extra Geeky we actually let James be on the show, and he gifts us with his presence and his review of American Ultra. Oh, what’s that? Didn’t American Ultra totally bomb at this box office? Yes it did! Did one of the guys say that such a thing might happen? For those that might not know, American Ultra stars Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. Think of this film as Jason Bourne meets Pineapple Express; no wonder this movie bombed, right?

Stick around, listen to the review, and have a few laughs!

Unlike American Ultra, this Friday’s episode of the podcast will not disappoint! Metal Gear, anyone?

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    […] In this week’s episode, the Geeks take on of the most beloved, and difficult, video game series of all times: Metal Gear. Earlier this week on Extra Geeky we mentioned that we would be talking about all things Metal Gear, along with James’ review of the box office bomb, American Ultra. What’s Extra Geeky, you say? Check out this week’s bonus minisode here. […]

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