Episode 178: Lego

Lego podcast

This week’s podcast was assembled brick by brick; let’s talk about all things Lego!



In this week’s episode, the Geeks tackle one of today’s most popular properties: Lego! Remember we mentioned in last week’s podcast, and Extra Geeky, that we’d talk about Lego? What’s Extra Geeky, you say? Check out last week’s bonus minisode here.

Here’s what we discussed in this week’s episode:

  • When was each Geek first exposed to Lego? Do the Geeks have favorite Lego memories?
  • Best Lego sets? Favorite sets of all time?
  • Lego today – we discuss cost comparison, new kits, and more.
  • The Lego Movie!
  • Lego video games: Are they good, and which is the best?
  • Where is Lego headed?

So what about you? Have you bought into the Lego craze? Maybe you’ve got awesome memories from your childhood? Did you think that Erector sets were way cooler? Let us know! The best way to get into the conversation is by following along with us on Facebook and Twitter! Haven’t done that yet? Check out the buttons at the top of this post!

Don’t miss out on this fun-filled episode! Extra Geeky this week is ACTION PACKED – you won’t want to miss our review of American Ultra!

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