Extra Geeky #4: 2015 Video Game Holiday Preview


We may have finally gone too far; don’t miss the 2015 Video Game Holiday preview in this bonus episode.




Do the things the buttons tell you to do!

Did you pick up Metal Gear Solid 5? Stop! Go now, and listen to Episode 179 as we discuss all things Metal Gear!

No, really, we may have gone too far; this is definitely the most interesting episode of anything JustUs Geeks has ever done. What do we blame it on? Was it too late, Periscope, beer? No? We don’t really know either, but the first half of this extended bonus episode is….well, interesting. Good interesting/bad interesting? GOOD INTERESTING! Join in the weird conversation with us over on Twitter. I promise that we actually get to the 2015 Video Game Holiday preview, and it’s a great look at what’s coming for gamers.

Oh yeah! Here, you need to know about our new friends at Geek Fuel!

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You’ll hear us talk lots about Geek Fuel in the next few weeks, so click the image and head over to Geek Fuel and check out the really awesome things you can get monthly. We aren’t ever going to ask you for money, but if you like the show, this is a great way to support us, and YOU get the awesomeness! Subscriptions start as low as $13.90 and Geek Fuel boxes include 6-8 items, with a value of at least $50. During the break in Episode 179 you’ll hear all about why we like Geek Fuel, so click on the picture above and go sign up today! Just to be safe, go here: http://www.geekfuel.com/justusgeeks

Now, about that 2015 Video Game Holiday preview; if you’re planning to pick up a video game before the end of the year give this bonus episode a listen. There are LOTS of video games coming; Metal Gear is just the tip of the iceberg. With major titles coming for all platforms you’ll want to take note of what you’ll want to look for during the Holiday 2015 season.

Let us know what you think of our 2015 Video Game Holiday Preview! Connect with us on social media, and of course, in the comments below.

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