Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Black Ops 2 Banned in Pakistan.


If your a Pakistani resident and want to pick up a copy of the newest Medal of Honor (because maybe you just like punishment) or Call of Duty game, you are very much out of luck. Pakistan has banned the purchasing or selling of either of these games from authorized electronics dealers within the countries borders. Reasoning for this was translated from a circular in Urdu, Pakistan’s primary language, and accuses the games of promoting Pakistan as a terrorist haven and training ground for Jihadists. Considering that Osama Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan near an elite Pakistani Army training facility and Al Qaeda leadership being chased by US drones through tribal mountain regions in Pakistan, perhaps the plots of these games are inspired by true events.

Regardless, Pakistan has banned games before like Assassin’s Creed. The government stated at that time that the Muslim population found the content of the game sacrilegious and offensive to Muslim ideals. Obviously they never leaped from a giant tower into a bale of hay and discovered the awesomeness of wrist blades. At least Fox News took a negative position on Pakistan banning these games, as typically Fox News Network is out to blame videogames for everything from mass shootings to democrats being elected.

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