Robotech Is Coming!


Did you watch Furious 7 and wonder to yourself, “I wonder how this would work with giant robots?” If you did, you are about to be one happy geek!

Word has come that Furious 7 director James Wan is attached to direct a live action adaptation of the Japanese giant robot anime Robotech. Running for 3 seasons in the US starting in 1985, Robotech was the product of 3 different Japanese series’ combined into one. A live action movie has been in some stage of development for years, most recently at Warner Brothers before it was acquired by Sony.

It’s worth noting that Wan has several other projects in the pipeline ahead of this, so it will most likely be a while before we see this on the big screen, if we see it at all. However, along with the news that 300 and GI Joe: Rise of Cobra writer Micheal Gordon has been hired to write the script, things definitely  are looking up.

Are you ready for some giant robot action? Think we need to see a Robotech vs Pacific Rim Jaegars crossover already? Tell us below!

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