• Ready for some Fantasy Football?

    Alright Fantasy Football fans, it’s time to register for our upcoming JustUs Geeks Fantasy Football League! This is a 12-team league and the spots are going FAST! Here’s our URL: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/justusgeeks – the password: geekfootball Register today to take on the JustUs ...
  • Quick Reminder: Episode 18 podcast still available! #TDKR

    Just a reminder to download the latest JustUs Geeks podcast, Episode #18 – The Dark Knight Rises Edition, if you haven’t done so. Check us out on iTunes!
  • Podcast Episode 18

    It’s our THE DARK KNIGHT RISES edition, where we share our thoughts on the film, discuss the worst BATMAN video games ever, talk some MAC OSX MOUNTAIN LION, some TRANSFORMERS news, share Apps of the Week and a Boardgame of ...
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    We need your questions for the Episode #16 podcast! Submit them here, or at any of our other online places. Let’s hear from you and we’ll answer your questions on the Episode #16 podcast to come out Friday. NEW!  YOU ...
  • Help us out for Episode #15!

    We’re one geek shy of our usual foursome this week, so we need your questions now more than ever! Submit your questions here or over on Facebook for us to answer during our Episode #15 recording Tuesday night!  
  • Apple releases new standalone, official “Podcasts” app!

    It was rumored to be coming with iOS 6, but Apple has surprised us today by releasing a new app dedicated to The JustUs Geeks podcast… Er, ALL podcasts! Podcasts app is the easiest way to discover, subscribe to and ...

    We need your questions for the Episode #14 podcast recording this week! Submit them here, over at Facebook (Like us while you’re there too!), & on Twitter @JustUs_Geeks. So ask us and we’ll answer. Have your friends, co-workers, and zombie apocalypse survivors ask ...
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    Episode #11 records tomorrow night AND WE NEED YOUR QUESTIONS! Post your questions below and we’ll answer them on the podcast! You can also tweet us your questions on Twitter (@JustUs_Geeks) or post them on our Facebook page!  

    Episode #10 is recording tonight and we need your questions! Submit your questions and hear them answered on the Episode #10 recording!
  • Rex Velvet confronts a Rain City Superhero

    My, my, my….hasn’t our favorite People’s Villain been busy lately?  Between being called out by Phoenix Jones and challenged to a debate and duel, and agreeing to an exclusive interview with us for podcast episode #10, Mr. Velvet is a ...
  • Send us YOUR questions!!

    We are recording Episode #9 tonight, and yes we know we are a day late! Send us your questions and we will answer them for you during our recording. Episode #9 will go live tomorrow! Thanks for listening!
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    Episode #8 is fast approaching and we need YOUR questions! Lots and lots of them! Leave them as a comment below and we’ll answer them on the next podcast. Also, don’t forget to DOWNLOAD EPISODE #7 & SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES! ...
  • Podcast Episode 7 – JustUs Geeks ASSEMBLE!

    This week it’s all about THE AVENGERS! Join the Geeks as we discuss the movie, what we’d like to see in a sequel, what gripes we had with it, and more. Then stick around as we discuss news from the ...
  • Podcast Episode 6

    The JustUs Geeks have assembled Avengers style to bring you episode 6 of our future award-winning podcast.  In this episode we discuss our anticipation for the AVENGERS movie and Jared’s JOSS WHEDON worship, the new DARK KNIGHT RISES trailer and ...
  • Podcast Episode 4

    This week it’s YouTube commentary, more video game tomfoolery (in the best sense of that word of course) Apps of the week and more! Oh yeah, and a Leroy Jenkins opening gag. Download on iTunes! or Download directly!
  • Podcast Episode 3 is live!

    In which the Geeks discuss Game of Thrones and The Killing‘s season premieres, speculate on next-gen gaming consoles, ponder whether or not Used video games are going away, review Xenoblade Chronicles, give our Apps of the week and more! Download ...
  • Podcast Promo

    Here’s a quick promo from Josh for our next episode, coming Saturday! Tune in as we discuss The Hunger Games, the new Avengers versus X-Men comic series, more Transformers, new Xbox and PlayStation rumors and much more!
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    To quote Professor Farnsworth… “Good news everyone!” The JustUs Geeks are now on iTunes! Head on over and Subscribe and PLEASE give us a 5 star rating.  It will help others find us. JustUs Geeks on iTunes
  • Podcast Episode 1

    Here it is in all of it’s glory!  Hopefully an iTunes link will follow soon. Enjoy and please leave a comment with feedback (other than our Mics suck… we already know that) JustUs Geeks Podcast episode 1