Timesplitters 4 Could Become Reality if Facebook Page hits 100,000 likes



A Facebook campaign to amass 100,000 fans could be reaching the ears of executives at Crytek and could mean a new release is possible. Former Free Radical employees who have worked on previous Timesplitter’s games have promised new media at certain benchmarks for the fan page, such as a new character design to be released as the 1,000 fan mark is passed. Last time I checked the page was well over 1,000 fans and continuing to grow. The fact that Crytek is keeping a close eye on the fan page means a possibility that if the 100k mark is surpassed a Timesplitter game could be jumping into the hands of the obviously still hungry fan base.


I have always enjoyed the fast pace, arcade type action of the Timesplitter series and especially the more story driven later titles. Updated with a new graphics engine and great online play, we could be seeing a real hit here if Crytek follows through with a release.

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