Transformer Thursday 12/13/12: In Package Shots of Fall of Cybertron Grimlock and Blaster, Transformers Legends, and more!


This morning we’ve got some fresh new pics for you of upcoming figures Grimlock and Blaster, both from the Fall of Cybertron line.  Saying that Grimlock is one of the most anticipated figures in recent history is an understatement in and of itself, and based on these shots, the wait has been worth it.  Blaster is a remold/repaint of the Soundwave mold, which has also been repainted into Soundblaster.  Both of those figures are wave 1, Grimlock and Blaster make up wave 2, and are presumeably the last Fall of Cybertron voyager class figures, unless Hasbro has another trick up it’s sleeve.  I’d love to see the other Dinobots made into figure form.  Check out the pics below!

In other news, Transformers Legends was released yesterday for all Android powered devices through the Google Play store.  You can download the app for free, pick your faction, and jump into battle with familiar characters on both sides of the field.  The ability to combine cards if you have both alt mode and robot mode for more power is pretty nifty, and overall the game’s presentation is slick and fun.  Of course, it’s a “freemium” game, which means you can also pay lots of money to have more cards, or you can just bide your time and earn them like the rest of us.  Unfortunately, the game is still not available for iOS devices.  If you didn’t see it last week, here’s some art from the game:



The Botcon 2013 set was announced this past week, along with the theme: Machine Wars!  For those who don’t remember Machine Wars, it was a small sub-line of Transformers that was exclusive to KB Toy Stores in the US, using G2 molds that had only been used in Europe previously.  Optimus Prime was a futuristic rig that had been named Thunderclash in Europe, while Megatron was relagated to a small, basic-sized light blue jet.  Starscream was the star of the line, a giant black SR-71 Blackbird that transformed into an even bigger robot known as Skyquake in the UK, though he was severely limited in articulation.  Botcon’s reveal of the theme can be seen below, with some familiar silhouettes.


That’s it for us this week!  Check back next week for the best in Transformers news from around the ‘net.

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