Transformers Arms Micron Store Exclusive Orion Pax and Thundercracker previewed


Transformers producers Takara-Tomy have announced via their website that they will be releasing store exclusive versions of Transformers Arms Micron characters in the coming weeks, namely Orion Pax and Thundercracker.  Orion Pax will be the deluxe mold of Optimus Prime that was released in the First Edition line stateside with a slightly altered paint scheme, Decepticon symbols, and a golden chrome version of the R.A. arms micron.  Orion Pax will be a Bic Camera and Joshin exclusive store release.  Thundercracker will be exclusive to Aeon, Yamada, and Yodabashi Camera and will come with a silver chrome version of Baro, Skywarp’s minicon. Similarly, Thundercracker will be based off the Skywarp tooling of the mold.  Both exclusives will surely sell for high prices, so if you want one you should begin saving your extra money now.  Anyone want to buy Thundercracker for me? Stick with JustUs Geeks for all the up to date info on Transformers!

Tweeted from the Takara-Tomy PR twitter account


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